Whilst visiting India I had the privilege to visit a school in the slums. I witnessed first hand the incredible work the school is doing to give children a hope and education to lift them out of their circumstances. I want to do anything I can to help give back to their education. The school I visited is low on funds and it would be a tragedy for the children in the area if they had to close.

$150 sponsors a child AND a teachers salary for one year!

Breakdown: $150 a year / $12.50 a month / $3.12 a week / $0.45 a day

$0.45 a day will sponsor a child and a teachers salary for one year!

Less than the cost of 1 coffee minus all the creamy extras a week! It’s the cost of 1 nespresso capsule a day!

Ok so you’re in? On the fence?

ALL the money donated on this page goes directly to the school (minus the small fee paypal takes).

Move the slider and donate your desired amount.

I will keep you updated on the blog and my instagram!

Thank you very much !