Hi. I’m Mykell Wilson. I’m an entertainer, author and motivational speaker from Southern California. More than anything else right now, I’m most excited to unlock the hero inside of me. We all have something mighty inside of us – and upon discovering it, we can become the answer to the problems we see. – Mykell


Entertainer, Author and Motivational speaker

Mykell Wilson nicknamed Mighty Mykell, is a renowned dancer and entertainer having worked with Prince, Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams, Britney Spears and many more. His book ‘The Mighty Little Book’ was released in 2016 and has gone on to inspire and impact many people. This has resulted in speaking opportunities and collaborations with companies, schools and churches worldwide. Mykell launched an EP “Sometimes I Sing” which hit radio stations in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Europe.

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From the success of my entertainment career, the lessons of my obstacles and the strength found in my near-death experience I’ve gained a divine gift of wisdom and a heart to help unlock the lives of others.


I want to inspire people to gain the courage to live better daily. Today will never happen again but it will build tomorrow. You decide.


Inspiration isn’t meant to be a temporary high but a constant flame to fuel your fire and blaze trails even when there was no way.


It’s time to start living proactively instead of reactively.


Many wait to tackle their dreams, face their flaws and embrace their faith but things don’t have to be perfect for them to be amazing, they just need to be progressive.


In every seed there is a forest but it’s not until it’s planted that it can blossom.


You living your purpose, you living inspired daily builds roots that can live and thrive through any season, any storm.



“What gives you purpose may not make you popular”

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